Saturday, December 20, 2014

Prayer for the Lost Boys

Dear LORD, I pray for Peter Pan and all the lost boys of earth, each of whom was created and purposed by You. Light their paths, I pray in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit, for them to discern Your Light and to receive Your tender mercies, Your gracious guidance, and Your loving kindness. Through their challenges and trails, earn their trust, O GOD Most High! Open their spiritual senses and soften their hearts to learn from You, at Your Feet, in the School of Christ!

May they learn, as we have by Your Gracious calling and leading, that You are who You say You are and that You are not only Good, but also Eager and Able to rescue and deliver us; Excellent at keeping us safe as You feed us with the Truth that opens our minds, our wills, our emotions to Your Perfect Care. Shepherd them, as You have shepherded us, into the best ways for us to walk which we did not recognize either -- until we experienced our need for You.

Strengthen us as we watch from afar the breaking of self-sufficiency, self-fulfilment and self-anything! We pray for one especially, who has just begun to free-fall, and we pray for him as if he wee our own son. For he is Yours, O GOD; one You have sealed as Christ's own.. Please LORD, even at this time, meet him in this dark night of his soul. Pierce through that darkness, I do pray! And lead him into the safety of Your protection as You revive him and reveal to him Your Sweet Presence.

May he be cloaked with humble gratitude as Your reign welcome and warmth over this lost life and assemble his dry bones and breathe Life into him, Your second birth. Raise him up from the ashes, I pray, from the Valley of Dry Bones. We have seen this of old; we have seen You accomplish it again and again, more and more, before. And so we are confident to entrust this lost lamb to Your tender mercies, Your graciousness, Your sweet embrace, Your excellent and abundant and forgiving love. And we thank You, in advance, for Your victory over darkness once again, for another lamb retrieved and lifted up, onto Your shoulders, to be carried safely into the Light to live forever in the Promised Land, in Fullness of Life, even now, and then  forever. Our grateful hearts sing as we watch and wait. PRAISE THE LORD!

This is a painting was called Bird of Paradise by my dear friend, Veronica Benning who, on Christmas Eve last year, went home to God. It assure me that she now knows full the truth she proclaimed through this painting.

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