Sunday, December 21, 2014

Love Notes

Based on Micah 6:1-7:29, Psalm 145:10-16, Proverbs 30:15, Revelation 11:1-19.

Sea change? Yes, a line has been crossed in realms unseen, and the fires of lawlessness as foretold, have begun to rage. Therefore, I look to the LORD and await for the GOD of my salvation to hear me. Shepherd Your people, I pray, with Your staff, those who hear You and praise You and bless You, who speak of Your glory and talk of Your power to make known to the sos of men Your mighty acts and the glorious majesty of Your kingdom. You will uphold all who fall; You will raise up all who are bowed down. 

We see again that we as men must come to the end of our tether, and the nations also. Only then will eyes to look to You. And when they do, that is when You open Your hand and satisfy every desire.

It is fullness of life that You desire to give -- dominion that endures throughout all generations. But first Your wrath must come and the time of the dead that they should be judged and that You should reward Your servants, the prophets and the saints and those who fear Your name.

That is when Your temple in heaven will open and the ark of Your covenant will be seen in the temple. Only then.

This photograph by Jo Chaney is entitled The Beginning of an Ending.

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