Friday, December 19, 2014

Love Notes

Based on Micah 1:1-3:12,  Psalm 144:9-15, Proverbs 30:10, Revelation 9:1-21.

Than You, GOD, for shepherding me into paths of provision and tender loving care and for transforming my preferences so that the former things have become like gravel in my mouth. Now, instead, my life of daily walking with You has become delightful and completely gratifying. 

Thank You for imparting Your joy into every cell and pore of my body, which I experience because You are my First and Foremost. By Your Mercy and Grace, I have become rightly related to You, O GOD, with a personal relationship to You that increases in me daily and pours forth wherever You lead me through each new day. It is not me whose Light increases and intensifies -- it is You. For my wounds were incurable! 

But now, You have gathered and put us together like sheep in a fold, like a flock in the midst of good pasture. And You, precious Jesus, awesome Maker of the Universe, You are our Head, our Good Shepherd. And we, including me which is miraculous, sing new songs to You to bring You glory forever and ever.

It was You who rescued and delivered me from mouths that spoke lying words and from the hands of falsehood. You encouraged me -- and all who belong to You -- that, no matter the woes that are to come, we have Your seal on our foreheads; You have sealed us as Your own. Now our incurable wounds are covered by Your shed blood, and we await the time when all will be well again. In time, the earth will be fully restored to Your Lovely Light. And there will be no darkness at all. 

Glory to GOD as we watch and wait!

This photograph is by Cheryl Katke.

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