Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Love Notes

Based on Hosea 11:1-12, Psalm 139:17-24, Proverbs 29:22, Jude 1-25.

We contend earnestly, O GOD, for the faith You delivered to us when You called us into Christ's salvation and sanctification by Your Holy Spirit, amazed at Your inestimable mercy in preserving us forever in Him, Your Son, our Passover. What a gift it us to receive such Good News deep in our hearts!

With this faith, we rebuke any teaching(s) that would diminish in any way the efficacy ofYour Son's death and resurrection for us. We deny and cast away any suggestion that the work of Jesus is unfinished. We will not be led in the way of Cain, nor will we run in the error of Balaam, nor will we perish in rebellion like Korah. You have given us eyes to see that there are spots in our love feasts: clouds without water, trees without fruit, raging waves, and wandering stars for whom are reserved the blackness of darkness forever. We earnestly, O GOD, for Your faith.

Thank You for telling us there would be mockers who would walk according to their own ungodly lusts -- sensual persons who cause divisions, not having You Spirit. We thank You, Holy Spirit, for connecting us directly to Jesus, who alone is able to keep us from stumbling and who, with exceeding joy, presents faultless before the Father. We wait on You, O GOD, for Your help, for Your return. Search us, try us, lead us in the Your wisdom, in Your Way into Your gift of  Everlasting Life. To You, O GOD, who alone is wise, be glory and majesty, dominion and power -- both now and forever, amen!

This photograph is by Joe Sina.

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