Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Fall (Pun Intended) of 2008

Based on 2 Timothy 2:1-25

Through my daily readings back in The Fall of 2008, God was basically saying to me, “I have told you.”  So I started to record in my journals what He told me then, and I am sharing these on my blog under the label The Fall (Pun Intended) of 2008. As always,  honest sharing and civil discourse are most welcome.  

I trust You, Lord, much more than ever before. Why? I think because You have strengthened me in the furnace of authenticity. The freedom that You gave me when You took away all the people was freedom from “doing” in any way, pleasing men rather than You, oh Lord, my God. What a gracious and lavish teacher You are, my Awesome, Omnipotent, Amazing God! The minutiae of me, of my little life, is not too tiny for You to know and see and repair and reveal and heal. Thank You so much, Lord.

Now I need to work on showing respect for those who “do not want to think.” If they would consider Your claims, O Christ, they might see and be saved from the terrible tribulation that is to come. If they will not, I fear what they will suffer once the restrainer has been removed. Lord, You say You will make them into beggars – that’s how You had to go with me. I was like them once, “always learning” and thinking too highly of myself.

But You came and saved me. You opened my eyes; You sang over me; You led me into the arms of people called saints who received me and encouraged me. Now, finally, You have led me into Your abundant care and pasture. Lord, I feel safe at last, even though our nation is about to run off the cliff by electing Barack Obama. Oh God, help us. It just breaks my heart to see how many have fallen captive to the delusion and deception that You predicted millennia ago. They have no knowledge of Your prophesies; they have no wisdom. It’s not their fault –  battle is invisible. So many unwittingly pawns in the game, as Bob Dylan sang so many years ago. And, as Dylan also sang way back then, it’s a hard rain’s gonna fall…

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Life Life in Color.

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