Thursday, October 2, 2014

Regarding Circumstances

Based on Isaiah 55-56, Psalm 113:7-8, and Ephesians 4. 

What tremendous consolation there is to those who live in You, our Savior and LORD Jesus, the Christ. By You we eat what is good: bread and wine and milk that delight our souls with abundance. By Your care and feeding, we hear and our souls live in everlasting assurance of Your sure mercies. We thank You for returning us to GOD through Your Cross, O Christ, and for bringing us into Your Body. That God's Word accomplished what he pleased is amazing grace to behold and to receive. We are proof that Your Word in the things for which You sent it.

Therefore we enter this day with joy, led out with peace and breaking into singing before You. And all the trees of the field clap their hands!

O God, who gathers the outcasts, thank You for retrieving us.  For Your salvation is about to come, and Your righteousness is about to be revealed. You will raise the poor out of the dust and the needy out of the ash help, away from those who look to their own ways, seeking their own gain from their own territories. Thank You for causing us to seek You, LORD, and to be found by You, returned to Your Care and Kindness. 

Therefore we proclaim from the body of Christ, speaking truth in  love, that we are no longer alienated  from You, O God, because of ignorance we once had in us. How You have replaced our old man and renewed us in the Spirit to put on Christ, Your new man, so we may live in Him and He in us, fed by Your and sealed for the Day of Redemption to be faithful and unafraid.

This photograph is by Kristofer Rowe.

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