Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Regarding Grace

Based on Isaiah 53-54:17, Psalm 113:4, and Ephesians 3:1-21.

We who have received Your grace, O God, are partakers of the priceless gift of spiritual senses. Thank You for making us to see the fellowship of the mystery of life in Your manifold wisdom and that You are high above all -- not just a higher power, but The Highest Power -- God of gods, LORD of lords, ruler above everything, everyone, everywhere.

Blessed are we  whom You have chosen to see and know that You are God Most High. Thank You for your mercy and grace, for imparting Your Spirit to dwell in our hearts that we may be filled with Your Fullness of Life. By Your Holy Spirit, You have made to known to us the mystery of Christ and Your wisdom by Your church to the principalities and powers through Christ, who is the center of Your eternal purpose for the salvation of humankind. To Him be glory, for He is our husband and our Redeemer, the maker of the whole earth, the LORD who has called us our of the grief and affliction that wreaks havoc in this broken world.

Instead, we are established in His righteousness, far from 
oppression, and because we live in HIm (and He in us), we shall not fear. Also shall we be far from terror, for it shall not come near us. You, O God Most High, have declared to us that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Therefore, we stand fast during all, these lawless and violent shakings of the earth. We know that, in mere moments, You will gather us in Your great mercy and establish us by our righteousness in Christ. For He bore the sin of humankind and intercedes for us all. I bow my knees before You, O LORD Most High, in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit -- for generations and foerever. And ever! Amen.

Photograph by Charlie Burnell.

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