Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Love Notes

Based on 2 Timothy 1:1-18, Jeremiah 41:1-42:22, Psalm 119:89-96.

LORD, untwist any twistings of Your Word that Your mercy may be found, for only You know how to cause Godly sorrow when matters need to be turned 'round right. Reveal, O GOD, any falsehood in the teachings we  encounter. You share with us in the sufferings of the gospel according to You power, O GOD. It is You who has saved us with a holy calling, not according to our own works, but according to Your own purpose and grace. It is You who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to us. Help us to hold fast to the pattern of sound words in Christ Jesus, that the Holy Spirit who dwells in us may keep us in that good thing.

Return any who have unwittingly wandered from You, Your Word, or Your Word Writ, and grant mercy we pray. For any who have been lured into "the land of Egypt" or back into "Babylon" -- O GOD, return them we pray! Since ancient times, You have clearly said to us, "Do not go to Egypt." Therefore, Your word is settled in heaven, but we appreciate that Your word must become our delight. Help us to embrace Your Will Your Way; help us LORD to rightly receive -- and to walk right!

You came to save me, and You have my life. Therefore I am mindful of Your tears, and I am filled with joy to remember that genuine faith can be stirred up because it is Your gift , O GOD. Mercy, LORD, mercy -- I cry mercy, even as we pray in this day for Your gracious intervention(s), even as the time continues to shorten between now and that Day. 

This photograph is by Liz Burnell.

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