Monday, October 27, 2014

Love Notes

Based on 1 Timothy 6:1-21, Proverbs 28:1, Psalm 119: 81-88, Jeremiah 39:1-40:16.

GOD Most High, You say You will surely deliver those who put their trust in You. Thank You for this blessed assurance, this confident hope even in the midst of lawlessness, violence, pestilence, and war. 

We gather in You, LORD Christ, who accords us godliness with contentment, a contentment that is good as we pursue Your righteousness, godliness, love, patience, and gentleness of heart. In You, we fight the good fight, laying hold of the eternal life to which we were called and have confessed in the presence of many witnesses. We trust that You will manifest Yourself in Your own time - - You who is the blessed and only Potentate, the King of kings, the LORD of lords -- You, who alone has immortality, to whom be honor and everlasting power -- You, the living God, through Christ, our sure foundation for the time to come. 

Thank You GOD, for strengthening us to guard what has been committed to us, avoiding profane and idle babblings and all contradictions that call themselves knowledge. We embrace and follow You by Your wholesome words, even the words of our LORD Jesus,  teaching and exhorting these things by Your everlasting power. We are weak and powerless on our own, but  by Your Spirit, we are made as bold as a lion! Lead us into Your paths of righteousness, and help us, we pray, to keep the testimonies of Your mouth!

The above quotation was recently posted on Facebook.

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