Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Regarding Myrrh

What I am hearing this morning is a variation on the word MERCY. He is telling me that my prayers are heaps of myrrh, and that the prayers I bring before Him are for His myrrh-cy. This kind of guidance is a very great gift, a gift I chose to unwrap after many years of setting it aside, putting it back under the Christmas tree. 

I did not know I had a choice! Finally, GOD came to me  as a Gift Of Desperation, and I heard Him (in Psalm 81:10) singing:

"Open wide your mouth! I long to fill it, child, for I have brought you out." 

I had not realized that I was starving or that His Holy Spirit in me was languishing. I did not know that the Word of God actually feeds the Holy Spirit. I did not know I was in the midst of famine -- a famine of His Word.

Today, I know I have a choice. Now, daily, I choose Him -- first thing, before all the hurly-burly, each and every dawning.  I shut the door (so to speak) behind me, and He feeds me by hand His morsels of Bread and sips of Living Water. He call it  the womb of the morning -- a priceless gift (Psalm 110:3). And every day is Christmas morning.

This photograph is by Liz Burnell.

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