Thursday, September 18, 2014

More on Myrrh-cy

Based on Song of Solomon 4:6

I come to the LORD, who is a Mountain of Myrrh-cy, bringing heaps of beloveds who have no idea He is for them and not against them, who know not what they are doing to ignore His wooing and to dismiss His calls of lovingkindness. I was like that once, yet You came and rescued me, LORD... You retrieved me from the dangerous ledge onto which I had wandered and was stranded, bleating, a truly lost sheep who had gone astray. I hear the bleating of so many beloveds, and they sound just like I did once. You had mercy on me, and You desire to Your mercy on them as well.

Therefore heaps of myrrh I bring to You, O God Most High, knowing that You desire many wicked be made wise in this time we have on earth; that many will enter Your rest and escape torment, entering  Fullness of Life in You instead of separation and loss eternal.

Thank You, in advance, for placing Your desires on my heart and making it clear that You grant the desires of our hearts if only we will bring them to You, in faith, believing. Heaps of myrrh I bring to You, O Mountain of Myrrh-cy!

This photograph is by Liz Burnell.

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