Friday, June 6, 2014

The Fall (Pun Intended) of 2008

Below is a second excerpt from what I recorded in my journals before and during the national election of 2008. This post is a continuation of the one I posted yesterday under the same label:

Seeds were planted during that phone conversation yesterday, My Daughter.  I AM watering those seeds, and I, Myself, will reap the harvest. 

As confirmation, I was shown hours later, while walking the dogs at Turtle Creek, that God has already watered seeds that were planted a year ago with XXXX.  Our debate was about the distinction between “tolerance” and “compromise” which fell on deaf ears and even caused a bit of strife.  Now, a year later, the distinction is sitting right in her lap. And she can love and respect these other values without compromising her own.

Yay! Thank You, Lord, for the assurance that You are more than able to reveal whatever needs to be known and that You are working on every person for whom I have ever prayed – in fact, every single person on this earth, You are pursuing!   

Child, keep marching around Jericho, keep praying for the circumcision of the hearts you have been given for intercession.  Also, notice Job 6:24-25 and pray it. 

So I do, Lord, asking You to teach me, and I will hold my tongue; asking You to cause me to understand wherein I have erred; asking You to teach me about the power -- the forcefulness -- of right words.“  Thank You, Lord, for I know that Your Word is right words, and I know that Your Word does not return to You void.  So I spoke right words.  YAY!

This photograph is by Kristofer Rowe.

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