Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Fall (Pun Intended) of 2008

Through my daily readings back in The Fall of 2008, God was basically saying to me, “I have told you.”  So I started to record in my journals what  He has told then, and here is the first  sharing of many I believe I heard from heaven way back then:

What I have told you, Child, is that there is no goal or event toward which you are striving – not now, nor has there ever been.  My goal is having you close – us in partnership, a prayerful collaboration – all the way through the course of your life.  I told you first to “Get real with Me and with each other.”  You have heard that, and you have shared that, and you are walking that out as you walk through life.  Relationship with Me has been established, and you have pointed to Me when you are with others.

Now I AM telling you that the goal is the process -- your process of partnership with Me.  You and I have a close relationship at last, and you are entirely free from the prison walls, walking with Me -- loving Me first and foremost, following Me.  “Follow Me” is what I told you, and what I AM telling you again now.

Don’t worry about the others.  Point to Me as I make that possible; pray for your enemies, for your Brethren, for any mockers, scoffers or fools that you encounter.  Bring all your concerns and troubles and hopes and dreams to Me, and lay them all at My feet.  XXXX  has followed what you call “the beeping,” but he has not opened My Word with a teachable heart -- until now.  Now his heart is pulsating – really yearning.  Pray, Child, that this yearning will increase so that, he too, will follow and that he will allow Me to reveal to him the veracity of My Word.

XXX’s revitalization depends on his encountering others who are like himself -- namely his old friend, XXX, who will play a role in his rebirth.  Salvation has been placed into XXX’s  heart by his own invitation back in 2002.  My Holy Spirit is resident in him.  But “the born-again idea” bothers him, as it also bothers his old friend. What bothers both these men is what they perceive as narrowness.  XXX thinks he is in an open field because he prefers the way to be broad. He knows not that he is opposing My Word.  He knows not (yet) that narrow is the way; narrow is the birth canal; narrow is the eye of the needle. You did mention to him that narrow is an aircraft’s landing strip. That was a seed.

This photograph was taken by Stacie Brewer Nilson north of Ainsworth, Nebraska around noon on Tuesday, 3 June 2014. It was hared on Facebook by Eric Jonas Swensson.

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