Monday, December 9, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


...people mourn and priests shriek for it... because the glory of the LORD has departed from it...
Hosea 10:5

God Most High, Your people perish for lack of knowledge, though the knowledge is insider heads because they know the words. Move this knowledge, God I pray, from that "bad neighborhood" into circumcised hearts that Your Way ad Your Wine might be made actual Word in Your People, Your Church.

May we desire Your pre-eminence over us, individually and when we gather together. May You lead thees meetings as You did in the earliest days after Your ascension. For give us, LORD, that we have drifted back into temple made by human hands and we have organized our selves under men who call themselves priests. But You say we are all priests who live in Christ, and You that royal priesthood is to call no man "Father." Your Body is not divided, yet our traditions have divided us, and stopped our ears from hearing the grief we are bringing to Your heart.

LORD, You died and rose to free us into families as small as two or three gathering together under Your Headship and the leading of Your Holy Spirit. You set us in families, not to be strangers to one another.  But we are trapped in the traditions passed down by our fathers.

Only You can break down these altars and ruin our sacred pillars -- and You will. I just pray that many will see and say we have not been fearing You, LORD, because we have not followed You. Instead, we have been wanderers in the desert (again!). We have eaten the fruit of lies because we trusted in our own way. Our hearts are divided, and You hold us guilty. The days of punishment have come. Enmity is in the house of God. We are deeply corrupted. We are stricken! Our root is dried up, and yet we hear You singing:

I AM the Vine, and you are the branches,
Live in Me and you will never die.
I AM the Vine, and my Father is the Keeper,
Come to Me, let the Spirit bring You Life.

This post is based on Hosea 10 and 3 John. The photograph above is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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