Sunday, December 8, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Ephraim has hired lovers...
Hosea 8:9

Adulterers unwittingly! Father, forgive us who know not what we do when we call it "strange doctrine" to follow You outside the camp. We have transgressed Your covenant and rebelled against Your law, never realizing it because of the enemy's skillful counterfeits. We have made many altars; we have forgotten that You are the temple not made by human ahnds. Forgive us, LORD, and thank You in advance for opening the eyes of those who wail upon their beds, crying, "My God, we know You." Counterfeit is a cruel cage: captivity in camouflage, designed by Satan who so easily detours and derails Your people, all but destroying our living sacrifice. 

Unravel this false fabric, LORD -- reveal and heal, for I cannot. It is not my job to free others from the traditions of men that once bound me also, though the chains were not iron, but puffy and soft feathers of down, covered in silky satin. Your Mercy  reveals the Church is not a place, but a people... and each of Yours belongs, not to a religion but to You! We live in Your Body, and Your Holy Spirit lives us! You are the Head of us who are members of Your Body! Why are we so blinded fro seeing this?

LORD, I implore You to reveal Your meaning of The Church -- Your Wife, Your Bride. I thank You now that You Alone are able to shine Light into the paths of Your People, sheep who have been led into a lesser pen, where they are only slightly fed and worked way too hard for their own good. Free ever single one of us who loves You, Lord, who cries, "My God, we know You" but needs to know You more fully free. I lay this burden at the feet of the Father, from the Body of Christ Who is our only Mediator and Advocate, and by Your Holy Spirit -- amen!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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