Sunday, December 1, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


For He is the living God... He delivers and rescues... He works signs and wonders... Who has delivered Daniel...
Daniel 6:26-27

Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your marvelous mercy and grace, imparted to anyone who seeks to find Your Light on the path of life. Thank You for Your promise to draw nigh unto one who draws nigh unto You. Thank You for the desperation that causes us to discern our utter insufficiency. What a gift to realize that we are running on empty  when we are running without You. We are wells without water, but it sometimes takes lifetime for us to to realize it... and multitudes never realize it at all, and they die.

Thank You for choosing us to be led to the River to be revived by Your Living Water and to receive Your Bread, the manna from Heaven You provide for us each day. I pray we may drink freely from Your River of Life and be not merely revived but also resurrected as New Creations embarking upon a whole New Life in which You rule and reign, shedding Your Light from us as though we are lanterns being carried throughout the world, everywhere we go.

In fact, we are! It is Your purpose for us! Thank You for meeting us in our times of desperation and for transforming those trials into trust in You alone. WE now KNOW that we KNOW that GOD often stands for Gift Of Desperation. Therefore, we gratefully surrender to Your Power not only ourselves, but also our beloveds as well as the man-handled mess we have made of this world. We bring You so many impossible situations, leaving them at Your feet! We entrust them, like Daniel entrusted himself to You in the lions' den. We lay it all before, placing everything into Your perfect protection and deliverance.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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