Monday, November 4, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


...the dawning of the awning...
Psalm 119:147

LORD, Your gracious mercy has been poured out (and into!) me and is increasing still. Thank You for Your patience with me. I believe You have birthed gentleness at long last in my Jeremiah spirit. No longer does my voice sound so urgent as it has in the past; now I simply have peace and not so much frustration with spiritual blindness. Now I know that people can't see what they can't see. Now I know to pray for their spiritual senses to be awakened, that many may see and know and come into Your pastures before it is too late. Thank You for leading me into what I am now calling the Paradox Pasture because it flows on powerlessness into Your Provision and Sufficiency.

I stand on Your promises, LORD, that You grant the desires of our hearts -- and that You, Yourself, have placed those desires into my heart, starting many years ago. Thank You for Your Divine Connections, now prompting me to pray beloveds who are so dearly beloved to be re-birthed -- born a second time, this not by water but by Your Holy Spirit to see and hear and discern Your wisdom and Your best ways to live...

Thank You in advance for the trust I have in Your Light to overcome darkness and blindness -- I have evidence rom my past on which I stand fast on what it good and right and true: all things are possible with You.

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