Sunday, November 3, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


The entrance of Your Word gives light.
Psalm 119:130

O LORD, such marvelous Light You have given me through the entrance of Your Word! Thank You for shining Your Will on my path, leading me from the midst of Babylon (Jeremiah 51 1:6) and through stormy seas swollen with huge waves from the strivings of men -- mere men. Thank You for choosing me to carry Your Light into dark places, into worldly places that are completely besotted with hope in worldly solutions, manmade solutions. Towers of Babel. Made by men. Mere men.

O LORD, I was worldly once as well, never realizing my powerlessness or recognizing my need to surrender to YOUR power. I was foolish, disobedient, deceived, and utterly blind to Your Tender Shepherd! Yet You, in Your Mercy and Grace, came to me; You sat with me and gently taught me, turning actual pages and transforming them (and me!) into song. Thank You for washing me and renewing me by Your Holy Spirit, Whom You pour out abundantly and in Person even now as I walk through earth and all its woes. Thank You for imparting Your Grace to avoid foolish disputes with people who are like I was in former self, not yet operating with spiritual senses that only You can ignite. May they be brought into Your Gardens to see with spiritual eyes and hear with spiritual ears and seek with circumcised hearts. May You, O God, rebirth many to see and know what cannot be seen or known by the flesh or by natural senses. Non-sense is needed LORD, as You know better than I. My prayer is that You will birth these dearly beloved a second time, not by water but by Your Spirit. Only You know how!

May we, all of us, come into Your Risen Life as Your instruments, offering ourselves to be "played" by You any way You desire. May our "good works" be transformed into fruit blossomed and bloomed by You, fruits Your Holy Spirit flowing in and through us.

Thank You, in advance, for the trust I have in You that You are circling over and preparing to dive into the hearts of many mere men. I pray, in Christ and by the Holy Spirit, asking that You will increase as we decrease. May be we blow Your trumpet among the nations!

This photograph was taken by Eric Jonas Swensson who work can be seen in a Facebook page called Sound Shore Media.

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