Sunday, October 6, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


He who has begin a good work in you will complete it until the day of 
Jesus Christ...
Philippians 1:6

Father God, it is tremendously assuring to know that You will complete the yearnings that You have begin in hearts and minds and souls -- and to know that You desire for none to perish but to have Eternal Life through the gift of Your Son, our Redeemer, our LORD, Jesus the Christ. I recall the musicians at Preservation Hall, proclaiming Christ right across the street from a Voodoo Shop where a person dressed as the devil gathered paying customers and led them into a Haunted House next door. There we were, directly opposite, hearing remarkable musicians persevere and preserve in the birthplace of jazz, a form of music that sounded to me very much like singing in the Spirit. Oh LORD, may we, too, press in because of the trouble we see, because of our sorrow, because of our fear, because of our shame. May we come to You in true and heartfelt repentance, laying before You all the mess that is around us, especially in our nation and even in our families. May we see that our own "modeling" has conveyed ungodly examples to our beloveds -- that we have not aligned ourselves with Your best ways to live, that we have done many things thinking they were okay or witty or funny, never realizing that, because these things were not good for us, they were not okay with You.

May we see and say, with Godly sorrow, O LORD, that we are sorry, we were wrong but did not know it, and may be seek Your forgiveness. And then, receive the comfort of Your consolations in Christ, in whom there is no condemnation, only conviction, that is gentle and helpful and kind. May we operate with spiritual senses to see and hear You and receive Your comfort. Only You know how to reach our hardened hearts and how to heal us, O Holy Triune God. It seem impossible to me, but we trust You when You say that what is impossible with man is possible with You, LORD God.

Thank You for transforming so many "impossibles" by Your barrier-breaking love and forgiveness. You are hovering, circling over, like a pelican about to dive.  Therefore we thank You, oh gracious Fisher of Men, for into Your relentless following of each one of us whom You have made. May we be caught up by You and in You, for Eternal Life in Christ and by Your Holy Spirit, adoring You, God the Father of All and Everything, both now and forever.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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