Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


Remember the word to Your servant, Your word in which You have caused me to hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, for Your word has given me life.
Psalm 119:49-50

My heart this morning sings, "Dear LORD and Father of mankind, forgive our foolish ways! Reclothe us in our rightful minds... in purer lives, Thy service find... in deeper reverence, praise."

Oh God, we have wandered so far astray! You told us this would happen:that we would become increasingly lawless, increasingly delusional, even blaming inanimate objects for the violence that comes from them by our own hands. I am reminded of the story about "the 100th monkey" whose washing his potato brought the entire monkey population to do the same. The story shows that a population changes once it reaches the point of "critical mass." 

Apparently we, too, have reached the point of critical mass, as so many are now "okay" with things that would never have been "okay" before. Deception is proving to be an effective tool, as people eventually believe the lies if they are repeated enough. It's Orwellian, LORD, as lying words successfully divide, discredit, and demonize any opposing viewpoints. In the natural, I am afraid, because this is how Hitler happened.

Yet, You have told us this would happen. You tell us now that we, who belong to You, should not be afraid as it begins unfolding. Instead, we are to stand in Christ, and be ready, for the desolation will last "mere moments" -- Your words not mine (to me,  each moment feels like a thousand years)! I read Your word that says, "The proud hold me in great derision, yet I do not turn aside..." Thank You, LORD< for the provision of such sustenance in a bleak terrain, badly broken, a desolate place -- the wilderness.

In You and by Your Holy Spirit, I pray for all whom I encounter, recalling my former ways and how You transformed me, revealing my self-sufficiency and how I was so "well-defended." Gently and kindly,  You turned my feet to Your testimonies and brought me into a relationship that IS REAL. I love how much that sounds like "Israel" when I say it out loud! As a New Creation in Christ, I now know there is nothing that is too hard for You. And therefore, I am praying for what is impossible with man because it is possible with You. Speak through the earthquake, wind, and fire, O still, small voice of calm.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Life Is Better With God In It.

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