Thursday, August 8, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


O, remember that life is a breath!
Job 7:7

So many reminders lately. LORD, that we live here on earth for a blink of time, a handbreadth against the span of eternal timelessness in You. Thank You for making it plain to me as I age, as we age, visible, steadily, losing friends and relatives here on Earth as they as they leave this mortal vale, this valley or corruption.

Thank You for all beloveds who have gone from here, and for the blessed assurance we have that they have simply stepped "over the comma" into the spiritual realm. It is an inestimable gift to know that we know those who have entered, finally into Fullness of Life Forever -- in You.

What a luxury it is to know this -- that there is no corruption, no sorrow, no pain, no trouble of any kind for those who die in You. This is all I know, LORD, that there is physical death, but the spiritual life goes on forever. Thank You of the assurance we have when someone goes to Live in You, finally, safe at last, joyful and free forever. We cherish the time we have that remains, looking to the Day when we will enter into eternal Life in You, radiating great and unending thanks and praise, glorifying You forever and ever! Until that day, increase in us, we pray, that we may carry forth Your Love and Light everywhere we go, O LORD. Our life is but a breath!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life In Color.

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