Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


... hope that is seen is not hope...
Romans 8:24

Thanks be unto Thee, O God Most High! For You have ministered greatly to our son and to us in these most recent days: first by literally raising him up to address his needs rather than bow to sickness and upset; then by bringing Your Light and Love to heal our  dog of an ailment from which she was suffering. Thank You for Your Mighty and Most Merciful Help to us and our beloveds, who are also Your beloveds. I thank You from my Mother's Heart and from our Family's Heart for coming alongside -- sweetly and surely. Nothing is too hard for You, Almighty and Most Merciful Father! And nothing is too small.

You consider even the most "insignificant" and tiny matters as important if they are important enough to us that we bring them to Your Feet. If we will do the "human side" by presenting our cares and prayers to You, You will do thw ides that is Divine. Thank You for revealing this partnership to us who need to know that's how You set it up in the first place. Why? We don't know,! But this we know: it is true. Therefore we persevere in bringing everything to You: our agony, our fears, our worry, our doubt, our whatever, God, -- here it is -- all of it. Laying our burdens down, at Your Feet and leaving them in Your care! May our prayers be efficacious as we open our hearts to You, O Holy Triune God, Who lives and reigns if only we will let You. And so we do...

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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