Friday, August 16, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


When He has tested me, I shall come forth as gold.
Job 23:10

Fiery furnaces are a part of life, LORD, but in You, we persevere through to emerge not even smelling like smoke. Louisiana's Senator Guillory, Your man, O God, has said that when there's a fire, "My LORD puts asbestos pants on me." The precise quote is this:

When My LORD sends me out through fire, 
He always puts asbestos pants on me!

- Elbert Guillory, Senator (R-LA)

Refiner's fire! So many times I have been protected in the midst of frightening flames, and covered somehow by You, and brought out safely, purified more than I was before the flames. You, O ORD, have been more than my necessary food. You have covered me, shown me the way, tested me, and held me fast to Your steps. There are those who rebel against You, God. They do not know Your ways, nor do they abide in Your paths. They do not know Your Light, for the morning is the same to them as the shadows of death. They pray on the barren who do not bear; they do no good for the widow. But God, You draw Your own into the care of Your Tender Shepherd with Your power. You rise up! You give them security, and they rely on You, even in the midst of frightening flames.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Life Is Better When You Have God In It. 

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