Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


And in every work that [Hezekiah] began to week his God, he did it with all his heart. So he prospered.
2 Chronicles 31:21

God on high, I just plain love Hezekiah! It is such a relief to encounter such people among men in the history of Your Nation, people who realized  how far their nation had drifted and had the courage and leadership to stand up and correct it, praying, signing, and pointing eyes to upward, high and higher, to finally see You for Who You Are: the Most High God.

Thank You for being available to us here on earth -- first as The Word Made Manifest in Creation and then in Christ, our Savior and Lord -- and then, oh God, through the impartation of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You that Christ conquered death and won Eternal Life for all who would believe that He died for our sins, the final Passover Lamb, the last Adam. Thank You for guiding Your saints through this earthly vale until we come at last and fully into Your Kingdom of Heaven.

Thank You, God, for transforming our hearts to prefer the things of the spiritual realm over the future dust and rust of world's transient treasures. We know we live in this world, and we cherish the time, but we pray, help us live with our eyes fixed on You, doing Your will and not our own. Keep us free and untangled by the affairs fo men, doing what we can to pray for Your Will to be done, especially in the salvation of good people trying to earn their ways into Eternal Life.

Reveal this to our carnal hearts, I pray oh Lord, bringing us to see and sorrow over so much we do thinking it is for You or pleasing to You, without hearing or heeding to Your still, small voice.  Lead us to repentance of our arrogant ways until we wait in quiet surrender to Your power, listening for Your calling to arise. May we be like Hezekiah, recognizing the time to stand up and call Your people to worship You for Who You Are: singing, praying, praising Yo, oh Most High God.

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