Monday, July 15, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


...he [the king] brought the gods of the people... to be his gods and 
bowed before them...
2 Chronicles 26:14

Lord, by Your Holy Spirit power indwelling me, I refuse to bow to the various gods was now have in this country, all children of the Huge and Horrible God called "Political Correctness." I recognize a few that are manifesting as follows:

Fear of Man (the gods called People-Pleasing; Approval of Men; External Validation, Non-Judgmentalism).

Arrogance (the gods called Control of Outcomes; Taxation Is Investment).

Redefining Human Rights (the gods called Abortion Is Not Murder; Euthanasia Is Not Murder).

Switching Words (the gods called Gay Does Not = Twisted; Marriage Does Not = 
1 Man + 1 Woman for Life).

Jesus tells us of our God-given rights to be free in choosing or refusing. We are born with Equality of Opportunity, not with guarantees of desirable outcomes. We are free to make BAD choices -- or not. Our choice.

In the Bible, Jesus calls us to be cheerful givers -- He wants a safety net for the needy, and He wants voluntary compassion to be extended to those in need. That is NOT the same thing as taxation which is involuntary and generally results in mismanagement of financial resources.

Similarly, Jesus tells us, we are not God. It is God's job to judge each person at the time of their physical death -- not ours. We are not to play God, either. Terminating the innocent life of an unborn child is not our right, and it is not any woman's right. We call it "abortion" but what it is really called, in God's eyes, is "murder." What we call "euthanasia" is actually "murder" as well. Changing word usages might numb us and help us feel a little bit better, but in God's eyes, capital punishment is only for criminals. Unborn babies and the terminally ill are not criminals.

So... I am fixing my eyes on Christ, Who is telling me to seek His counsel in all I do and to reject Fear of Man, to resist the Arrogance that prods me to support the building of yet another Tower of Babel; to reject Redefinition of word meanings that numb our minds to what we are actually doing. The Affordable Healthcare Act would much more accurately be called the Un-Affordable Healthcare Act. Oh Father in Heaven, open the eyes of our eyes (!) In Jesus and by Your Holy Spirit, I do pray!

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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