Sunday, June 30, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


But He made His own people go forth like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock, and He led them on safely so that they did not fear...and He brought them to His holy border...

Psalm 78:52-54

What I bring to You today, Lord, I can really and truly BRING, as You have infused me with an increase of grateful gladness and serenity that has awakened completely within me. You woke me up from a SOUND sleep, during which I dreamt about being under siege while traveling on an airplane. It was just me and one other person on the plane, and  we came under attack by some invisible force during the flight. Without a word exchanged between us, we knew we had come under attack, but we also KNEW it, and WITHOUT A WORD, we proceeded to fight back in prayer.

The key, apparently, was "without a word" for we knew what to do in order to achieve victory, and we did it without saying a single word out loud. And afterwards, all was peaceful and serene, as if we were now flying at a higher and more pure level of the atmosphere. We knew it, and we knew all was well, but again, not a word was spoken between us. The message was clear: "Without a word."

What a new world this is! I am feeling profoundly comforted and very safe and very assured that there is wisdom in learning to be silent as sometimes more can be spoken without a word. As I learn this new thing and practice at this new level, I declare to You, Lord, that I will contemplate Your Mercy and Kindness! And I thank You, even now, for Your Incredibly Perfect Timing!

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