Monday, July 1, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


God forsook the tabernacle of Shiloh, the tent He had placed among men and delivered His strength into captivity and His glory into the enemy's hand.

1 Chronicles 27:60-61

Lord, thank You for  clarifying to me that Your Church has gone astray, having been lured by the enemy into counterfeit forms of meeting, unwittingly hip-checking You from Pre-Eminence and preferring to be "in service" to You, ignoring what You said to Martha. You woo us to choose the better part -- not to simply sit at Your feet without ever arising to help in this broken world; but to first be fed and nourished by meeting with You, being edified, encouraged, and sometimes exhorted so that we can be raised up and by You and You Alone in all that we do. Otherwise we become mere busybodies, ultimately exhausted by having preferred our ways of meeting to Yours.

Oh God, reveal Your True Body! Free the captives -- even Christians, many of whom are caught in cages, albeit "Have-A-Heart" traps. Free Your saints from all apostasy, including the Counterfeit Church and all forms that are merely modern forms of the Old Testament temple. May we saints see that the enemy has cleverly and cruelly lured us into  programmed meetings that are supposedly "in service" to You. Our eagerness to help You has been twisted in the enemy's hands into the opposite of The Church You birthed to be Your Bride. 

May we allow You to meet with us and restore us to sanity! May we hear Your gentle wooing to free us from the dictates of own hearts. We need forgiveness, Lord! We have been led astray, forgetting that You came to destroy the temple and, in three days, to replace it completely. 

For a short time, we assembled under Your Headship and Yours Alone, but have now been detoured completely and are lost and gone astray. We have preferred following the devices and desires of our own hearts rather than follow You, who is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Forgive us, Lord! Arise, oh Spirit of God! Cause us to see and sorrow and repent and return, for it is only in You that we are truly Your Bride -- in love with Christ and preferring Him over all. I declare this day that the enemy's wiles will be revealed, and the True Body of Christ will arise in His power, not our own. May it be so, oh God on High. In Christ and by Your HolySpirit I pray it. Selah.

This photograph is from a Facebook page called Live Life in Color.

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