Friday, February 15, 2013

Contemporary Psalms


May Your love and Your truth always protect me.
Psalm 40:11

Thank You, Lord Christ, for flooding my soul with Light when You revealed "the Church" You birthed, not as the temple of former days but as a whole new creation -- a Way You chose to reveal to longing eyes. Thank You for assuring me as I followed You that I was to follow You no matter what. Thank You for assuring me that I can only do me, and that I am accountable to You for the Light I refuse. It has been challenging to stand "outside the camp" so to speak, but You have led me to a local expression of Your Body, and I thank You, GOD! I thank You for unveiling Your Truth -- Your Way, Your Life -- and for providing Your Body in Whom we can gather at last under Your Headship and the headship of none other. Thank You, holy, triune GOD! Your Grace is all-sufficient, and I bow before Your Mercy and Your Provision and Your Tender Loving Might!

This photograph is by Jo Chaney of 
whose work simply takes my breath away!

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