Monday, November 5, 2012

New Product: Possibilities in Paperback

a 6”x9” paperback through Createspace, which provides a top-notch, glossy cover and quality interior pages. I call this product Possibilities in Paperback. I am holding in my hand an example of one I just published in this way. It is excellent quality -- and it was affordable.

After spending over $1000 to publish Whit’s End, I am really excited to find such an inexpensive, comparable alterative.

It is my hope to offer myself in an affordable way to others who want to do something meaningful with assorted papers (or even drafts of their Great American Novel) that may be stuck in boxes or Rubbermaid bins in the basement.

Send me your WORD document and the art you want for the front cover, and I will work with you to generate a PROOF copy of your book. Once you are finished reviewing (and revising as necessary), I will complete your book and get it onto Amazon.

Createspace fees are minimal; my time is yours for $25/hour. A realistic estimate for a 75-page paperback (including me) would be $350 to get your book written, edited, andmade available on Amazon.

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