Monday, August 6, 2012

Downloads from God


Mercy -- Mine -- My Mercy, My daughter. It is a gift, and, as you already know, you cannot “shove the Dove.” He circles gently until it’s time to alight, and then waits until it’s time to penetrate the heart and live inside.

To reside inside: that’s My goal for each person I have made. It is a great gift, this gift of My Mercy freely chosen. Yesterday you sang a true thing: I send My love on the wings of The Dove. Sing it, believe it, pray it, and see My Mercy so sweetly transform everything. Self-interest and, indeed, self-anything will be put to flight as My Spirit arises. Hearts will resound and soar into My Presence, as if on the wings of a mighty eagle, but, in fact, on the wings of a snow-white dove.

Photograph by Pat Liu (2006).

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