Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Downloads from God


Daughter, do you see? The fact of life on earth, mortal life, is that it includes trouble. It goes with the territory -- but for Me, Who uproots mere men from the world of woe, Who frustrates the devices of the crafty, Who shuts the mouth of injustice, Who saves the needy from the sword. I AM the sheepfold; I stand at the gate, beckoning My sheep to come into My care.

My sheep are afraid, however, because they believe the enemy’s serpent-lies. That’s just the way sheep are. They do not discern a wolf in sheep’s clothing, nor the words of the deceiver. But! I AM GOD, the lover of souls, Who will persevere in beckoning them to come in where it is safe, both now and forever. Your job is to agree with Me by bleating the truth: I AM able to bring them into the safety of My care.

Photograph by Kent Phyfe, whose work can be seen at photo.kphyfe.com

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