Thursday, February 23, 2012

Somebody Else's Download


My way is perfect and My love is pure. Your love is sullied with self-interest. It cannot be otherwise at this stage of growth. Only let there be growth, My child, growth away from all that the “natural you” implies -- jealous, fearful, controlling, unmerciful -- and let My Spirit control and guide what you shall yet be.

In Me there is no variableness. neither shadow of turning. All is light. All is known. All is life. The mystery, My child, which you find in thinking of Me, is a mystery of light, not darkness. The greatest mystery you can contemplate is the mystery of My love -- “love to the loveless shown.” Think often of that. Let the theme of it soften your heart and your thought of others, especially those who do not yet see the wonder and glory of it all.

-From the Journals of Hal M. Helms (Volume 1)

Painting entitled The Clearing by Claudia Wood Rahm.
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at

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