Friday, February 24, 2012

Downloads from God


Answer: PRAY. Pray for direction; pray for Divine Intervention; pray for guidance from above. Both are gifts that look like problems, but you know that tribulation contains blessings -- always. You have come to call them “tribulation blessings” because they are the situations that compel you to seek Me and My aid.  You are eager to listen to Me  and to follow. Therefore, sing to Me and let your enemies be scattered as smoke is driven away. Call to Me and cry out in your distress. I will send from above; I will deliver you from your enemies. I will deliver you from calamity, from violence, from ungodliness, from sorrow and distress. I AM your rock and your salvation. I AM your tower of mercy and grace. Pray and hear; hear and heed; look for Me on the wings of the wind.

Painting entitled I Am the Vine by Claudia Wood Rahm.
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at

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