Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pet Theories

Here are the highlights of Roobie's Roo-Mi-Nations for November. Enjoy!

11/4/11: Yesterday Roobie said that a change of location does not a Christ-centered meeting make.

11/6/11: My dog is learning that faith, to be faith, must be tested; otherwise it's just a general idea.

11/9/11: Roobie reminds me that Salvation, once accomplished in a life, is a "done deal." It is Sanctification that takes the rest of our lifetime.

11/13/11: Roobie romps the way I feel (like I'm swinging from branches in a Son-drenched forest). What a Life when it's Life in Christ -- Life indeed!

11/15/11: My dog has been whimpering, "The church is not a place -- it's a people." Now she is barking it!

11/20/11: Roobie stands on sand that gently crumbles as she wiggles, proudly shaking a stick she found. How subtle the slide, Lord, Reveal and heal!

11/21/11: My dog reminds me that no one needs God until he see his need for God, which generally = finding himself in a world of hurt.

11/25/11: Even Roobie knows that just a tiny flicker of "chest-expanding" must be killed. So we hunt... daily...

11/26/11: Roobie says that all God needs is a yielded instrument, surrendered for Him to "play through" any way He wants.

11/27/11: Roobie suggests that maybe the humans need to consider getting out of God's way!

11/28/11: My dog sees that the more self-sufficient I am, the less I am surrendered to God's power.

11/30/11: Roobie says that gold, in heaven, ain't that great -- it's used as pavement!


  1. My dear Whitney,

    At prayer meeting tonight I cried, almost sobbed, "Heavenly Father, teach me how to get out of your way. Teach me to listen for your voice and obey!!!" Later in the prayer I heard Him say to me, "You must learn to trust me first, the rest will follow!!!" Claudia later prayed for me and that God would take the heaviness off of my heart and to lie everything that I have in the way at Jesus' feet. I felt all that weight, all those tears leave me slowly. I realized that God wants us to trust and obey joyfully and to await for Christ's return with joyful anticipation. Claudia was quick to point out how "joyful" and "happy" might not share the same space and I immediately knew what she meant. I came home from the prayer meeting, light on my feet, and I sat down at my laptop. I got another job entered, and then I turned to my personal email and there was Roobie, in all of her canine intelligence, "11/27/11: Roobie suggests that maybe the humans need to consider getting out of God's way!" Thank you, Roobie, and thank you Whitney!!! God bless you both always!!!

    Love and blessings,


  2. Carl, dear Carl, you have made my day. Since you gave me permission, I did post this. It is such an encouragement to my heart this day. Someday you will know...

  3. Thanks for sharing Whitney - Roobie is always a great inspiration!

  4. and so are you mar with those poems that resonate so much with me they make me feel like a tuning fork!