Saturday, December 3, 2011

Downloads from God

We’ve Caught A New Scent

It seems the time has come to really blog -- truly blog -- and daily. I meet with the Lord every morning anyway, as I am sure many of you do, too. And every morning He speaks to my heart in ways that are just NOT how I speak to myself. Roobie (in her DOG wisdom) has suggested that I share excerpts of these “downloads” daily, and I obey. Hopefully they will nourish and edify beyond my own belly-button. P.S. I will always put what I believe is God talking into purple text. Here's the first:

Child, you are beloved because you live in Christ and He in you -- you are My child! Adopted back into My Kingdom because of Christ’s shed blood and His glorious resurrection, not because of your performance (or lack thereof). You are Mine; you are learning to walk; you are learning to trust Me to accomplish things you cannot. You have prayed for My will to be done, and soon you will see, My daughter. You will be amazed. Whitless!

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