Sunday, December 4, 2011

Downloads from God


Lord, maybe this is a bad idea, as I might have put too much pressure on this quiet time of sitting in Your lap each morning. Am I out of line in this matter? Am I betraying Your confidence or vaulting the morsels of Bread and the sips of Living Water with which You feed me and refresh me daily?

No, child. Lynn is right that you are to be My scribe without worrying about what other people think; Rick is right about holding forth rather than holding back; SGS is right that there is no copyright on My material, and Sueann is right when she says, “The time is short -- GAHEAD!”

Go ahead, My daughter. Pour out My messages of encouragement and love to a people who are starving, who need to be hand-fed, to be revived and restored into relationship with Me. Go ahead and share My morsels of nourishing Bread, which I have broken it into tiny bits for you to offer after you have partaken of it yourself. My Living Waters are flowing from you wherever you go, so take this path, My daughter. Let us walk it together!


  1. Go ahead indeed. Never mind the second guessing and the pause for reassurance. Your first download was full of things everyone needs to hear.We're all learning to walk.

  2. U R right! I thank God for your ability to speak truth in love, and to encourage me as I wobble from crawling into toddling around in blog puddles. I am a work in progress, and I am getting to practice being gentle on myself. I'm doing the best I can to offer what I'm given, and I need to let go of results. Thanks, excellent friend. Thanks!