Monday, December 5, 2011

Downloads from God


Lord, thank You for encouraging me to use what You have given me. Thank You that I can present my body as a living sacrifice -- that my body is indeed Your temple, a temple of Your Holy Spirit. Thank You that Your work of salvation is complete in me and finished forever. What a relief! And so I boldly come to You every morning, presenting this earthsuit, this earthen vessel for You to use any way You want.

Child, you are grafted into My Vine, and you are keeping that graft wide open to receive My inflow of True Life. It is a simple discipline, but not an easy one. It is Life in the Lamb and Life in the Lion.

Do not worry about what the others are doing -- you, follow Me. Be bold to come, and do not fear the inflow of communion and union with Me. It is integrity, not legalism. I love you, child.

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