Friday, November 25, 2011

I Got An Article Into Points East Magazine!

I am so happy with a beautiful spread on Zeepaard that has been published in the December issue of Points East Magazine. If you want to see it, you can access the latest issue on line. First, go to and then click on its site. Once you do that, you can scroll down to the icon of the magazine, and you will see an arrow on the right-hand side. This will let you "arrow through" the pages of the issue, which is preferable to following the link that only yields a compressed version of the full spread.

It takes practically no time to arrive at Page 26, where my article begins. I apologize for the two pages of advertisements you will experience en route to the remaining article, but I think you will enjoy the story of the wonderful Penfield family and their international sailing antics. I am just so delighted that the tee-tiny article in the June issue of Cruising World was able to parlay itself into a full feature. It was Barry who suggested that the Penfield's story deserved to be more fully told -- thank you, husband!


  1. Thanks, my friend and sister -- this helps me discern what I am supposed to be writing about -- namely, people who have received a "call" and have chosen to answer the phone!