Thursday, December 22, 2011

Downloads from God

12- 22-11

There is new Life, and it is poured into My earthen vessels as they empty themselves of selves. I seek empty jars, because unless My people are willing, there is no room at the inn.

I AM eager to perform My Word, and My eyes roam over all the earth looking for beloveds who have laid down their lives -- broken, powerless, and seeing their need for Me. Child, it is only broken vessels that can be repaired. You know this from your own crucifixion and My resurrection from the ash heap. How far you had wandered! What a barren desert and how parched was every cell of your being! Dry as a bone! Unwittingly, you had gone your way instead of Mine, but you simply did not know any better. Now you see that, all the while, I was with you, and that I came to retrieve you the moment you recognized your need for Me. You didn’t need Me until you needed Me, and neither does anyone else.

Pray therefore, that many will see their need and cry for Me and come into MY loving care. And please, child, keep dying daily, emptying yourself of self that I may increase in your little jar. Keep on keeping your morning watch: showing up daily to present yourself empty, to make room for Me at the inn. 

Painting entitled Living Stones II by Claudia Wood Rahm 
Google her as "cwr color unchained" or visit her website at

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