Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Downloads from God

12- 21-11

No, child, you are taking on too great a burden. Lay them at My feet in love, entrusting them to My Care, and walk into your day knowing that I hear your prayers. Leave them with Me. Leave them to Me: great big burdens, such as the plight of the poor, down to the tiniest of your concerns. Even the least of them is significant to Me and needs be brought to Me, Who alone is the source of power and mercy and help. So here you are, child! So lay them down, child, unpry those fingers! You are holding on, you are reluctant to let them go. It might help you to remember that I always reveal in order to heal, and that I AM working with your prayers. I do not give you these as your burdens to bear, except to bear them unto Me in prayer. The battle is won when it’s waged My Way. Pray My Will be done! It shall be accomplished!

Painting entitled Poinsettia by Veronica Benning. Google her!

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