Saturday, December 10, 2011

Downloads from God


Yes, My child, My oasis is filled with wells that are full of the kind of water that quenches the unquenchable and expresses the unsayable without which your Spirit languishes. It is good to see you offering prayers of simple faith in Me, knowing that I care for you, that I know what’s best for you, that I will guide you there no matter how slow the process may be, no matter how gradual, as the process of being MIne requires being both forged in the furnace and purified. You come daily to My refining fire, presenting yourself a living sacrifice, a temple for the increase of My Holy Spirit. I receive you gladly, warmly, rejoicing as you stand against strong winds that seek to blow you off course. I AM delighted that you come, day by day, to seek My will and to await "orders" from Me, however they may manifest before you. It is good that you are recognizing and standing against the cold winds that once drove you off the road and into a ditch, exhausted. Enjoy the utter simplicity of My ever-present, everlasting and complete embrace, relish life in My care and feeding. Be not detoured or detained! Here you find My peace, My guidance, My adventures for the day. Be of good cheer, for here you are!

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