Sunday, December 11, 2011

Downloads from God


Blessed are you indeed, My daughter, for I have redeemed you, coming to your aid when you had unwittingly wandered onto a precipice so treacherous that all you could do was bleat, “Here I am, Lord.” Only I could hear you; only I could climb out onto that crumbling crag and bring you back to safety in My arms. From this position, child, do not depart. Do not be like Mrs. Gadabout, cavalier regarding nearby pastures that may look the same but they are different -- ridden with tares and even poisonous weeds that look inviting and harmless. Stay here in My pasture, under My leading, My guiding, My Shepherding, dear lamb; stay here where still waters soothe your anxious nature, where I am with you constantly and never not. Here I can see the minute you are cast down, the second you cry out for Me. And I am right here, right here, right here!

This does not mean you will never face difficulties, trials, or tribulations. But it does mean you will never be alone in the midst of them. Child, you could be out in the middle of the tundra, and you would not be apart from Me in whom you live and move and have your being. You cannot be plucked from My Body! I am eternally your Helper, Your Covering, Your Brother, Your Shepherd, Your Friend. You have been brought to safety -- that was the hard part. The rest is an adventure!

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