Friday, December 9, 2011

Downloads from God


Good for you, My daughter, for going gently, for realizing that, although you are a little person physically, your life is like a huge tanker that requires time to change direction. You have made some excellent changes in direction, child, becoming a better steward of the earthen vessel I have given you. You are allowing Me to restore you ever so gradually to:

· Sufficient sleep

· Wise priorities

· Times of replenishment and refreshment

In your willingness, you have allowed Me to conquer your addiction to DOING. You now know the difference between knowing about Me and knowing Me. This is excellent, child, for you now have discernment. And wisdom. Now you much more are available to be My vessel instead of your own. Through you, I AM being carried over troubled waters shedding My love and light as we travel. Good for you, My daughter. Follow the star!

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