Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pet Theories

10/2/11: My dog just realized it was "circumcision" that made the walls of Jericho come tumbling down. Following God's instructions was worthwhile!

10/7/11: Roobie says "sin" is not wrong doing; it is wrong BEING -- a determined independence from God (an hereditary human trait) she does not have!

10/9/11: Roobie is reading the NT with new eyes and now sees the phrase "in Christ" as key. We are one body -- in His Body. We in Him, and He in us!

10/12/11: Roo says the phrase "in Christ" helps her obtain the simplicity of Life vs life with a lower-case L.

10/13/11: Roo sees us placed in Christ, set into Him like jewels, held by His power, filled by His spirit - in Him, seated at the right hand of the Father!

10/14/11: Roobie asked if humans are addicted to DOING, and I said, "I think we are addicted to trying to make ourselves feel better."

10/19/11: My dog says the salvation we received from God in Christ is present and permanent; it's our sanctification that's in process...

10/20/11: Roobie and I seek His face and His will to be our daily Bread, which we value above all earthly treasures.

10/21/11: My DOG says I am GOD's beloved even when I make a mistake. It's a hard lesson -- & even harder to let GOD fix it, since I cannot. Good DOG!

10/22/11:Roobie says God works ALL things to good for those who love Him -- ALL!

10/24/11: Roo knows that tulip bulbs are compelled to seek the Sun, their source of Life. So are peeps, says Roo, who are hardwired to seek the Son!

10/25/11: My dog walks with me in paths of righteousness; though sometimes are stray, we are always led back safely.

10/29/11: Roobie is a vessel for honor, sanctified and useful for the Master. She says I am no different, though not a DOG.

10/30/11:My dog says the blooms may look alike, but fake ones are manmade, and real ones are not.

10/31/11: Roobie listens by stopping entirely the minute she hears something. It's a level of readiness to listen that I have only started to learn.


  1. Roobie has a lot to say, but I especially liked your observation about the way Roobie stops (doing) to listen.

  2. I also liked that. my sister. Listening is so much of what I do now -- or try to do. It used to be me just blathering away at God... now my praying includes listening, and I also write down what I think I'm hearing. I have several linear feet of journal entries to prove that God speaks much nicer to me than I do -- plus He knows what to do (or not do) when I don't. Thanks for posting, warrior Wildermom!

  3. What a great thing to have a "Woof" from across the pond!