Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God Sendings


Pardon me while I pour out (no pun intended) what I got in my quiet time -- another word picture. Sorry -- I can’t help it -- this just seems to be how God speaks to me!

Child, I AM able to transform the heart of even the most wayward and lost LAMBS. Have mercy in your heart, Daughter, for these LAMBS. Hear them bleating. Help Me by encouraging silence all around, praying for them, not stepping into My path so they become fixed on you instead of Me.

Hear – then do. First things first, and the first is hearing. Knowing. Then and only then the doing. Empowered by My Holy Spirit, the doing. Only then.

You are part of Christ! Part of His Body! You actually serve as a PORE whose earthly work is to POUR prayers to heaven and through Christ.

Wow Lord, what an amazing picture. One living stone – me, us, all believers – radiating something of value! Pavement, golden pavement, it is we who pour it out, inviting the entrance of Almighty God into all the situations and circumstances we encounter. As a PORE in the Body of Christ, I am to be like a cement mixer, POURing out prayers, focusing on pavement production, for You, Lord Christ, ought to have gold beneath You when You enter in.

The photo is not me, but it captures how I feel about the word picture above -- and it might as well be me because it's exactly how I look when I walk with Roobie at the beach!


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  2. I was so excited I was once again able to post a comment that I also removed it! Here goes again--

    I was reminded of how carefully a surface must be prepared for gilt to adhere. Last summer I was painting letters on a sign with "real gold" paint. After reading the instructions, I wasn't sure it was humanly possible to "do it right". First the wood had to be as free of dust and dirt as possible. The hardest part, though, was laying down the gold with only one stroke. There was no going back over it or the second stroke would lift (actually remove) what was already there! It took a lot of focus (and courage fueled by prayer)to trust the instructions and just let the gold flow off the brush.

    Anyway....thank you for yet another picture that pours richly into my heart. I want to be counted on that royal road crew for Christ. ......takes my thoughts full circle from "Prepare ye the way of the Lord."!

  3. Oh Claudia, I love this, I love this -- especially the "wood" having to be spotless, which cannot be accomplished by us no matter how many years we walk the earth. I also love that your first comment actually removed itself, as if God were saying, "Yes, Claudia, you are definitely onto something here." But most of all, I love the courage to just let it flow. The piano is teaching me that, too. If I thin too much or go too carefully, it's a mess. But when I just GO FOR IT, let her rip so to speak, wow, that's it: exhilarating and gorgeous and there is it. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this through the ever-elusive comment feature. Victory at long last!