Wednesday, October 26, 2011

God Sendings


Last week’s blog on PURPLE led me into a whole insight about HELIOTROPISM, which you probably know all about because of your Green Fingers. To me, that "compelling" of the flower bulb to seek the heat, to break through the earth into the Light, is a metaphor of human yearning. Roobie has asked me to replace her regularly scheduled Pet Theories column because I am so excited about this concept, and she says her Pet Theories can wait until next week. So here it is.

First, think of a bulb. Let’s make it a tulip bulb just for the sake of argument. Some nice person plants it in the ground and gives it water, and the little bulb (unless it’s a dud) does the rest, actually sensing the sun and seeking it, eventually pushing through the earth to bloom in the open air, which is what it was purposed to do. That amazing process is what scientists call heliotropism.

Like Carl Jung, I think there's such a thing as human heliotropism, though some who seek get lured into fake light (manmade tanning salons or “grow lights” that can only get you so far). Many never seek at all, just smothering their niggling seeker beepers with ever more dirt or digging deeper into it.

Those who break through the earth and manage to persevere past all the artificial lighting systems emerge into the Light and receive Life with a capital "L." God says, "I give you blessings and cursings, death and life... choose life." Thanks be to God, I was compelled toward the Light and pushed through the hard ground and past the offers of lesser beams and into the full Sonlight, where I have found my purpose is to bloom in the Son.



  1. WMM is posting this for Carl, who commented as follows:
    Hi Whitney,

    What is the chance that I read within 30 minutes two stories about flowers and our relationship with our Lord and Savior? Here is the link that came through my Facebook:

    Sometimes I feel like that bulb that got planted too deep and upside down. My roots are having a field day but sensing that sun shine is not such an easy task. I not only have to make a 180 degree turn in my life but now I have to struggle through my own roots and push through so much soil that if and when I get to the surface it just might be covered with snow. The effort is there and I end up being all greens with no blossom. Well there is always the next season and I left a path to try again.

    May God Bless us and shine brightly on our lives!!!


  2. Dear Carl,

    I loved the link to the dandelions thing, and I love you! Some of what you are saying (above) sounds to me like me -- trying too hard? For me, it has been helpful to practice something I learned about in recovery called "let go and let God." I figure, if He's alive in me (which He says He is by the Holy Spirit), then He can do it! Head knowledge is dead knowledge for me, however, so I have to practice. Somebody at a meeting last week said, "Breathe deep -- God's in the air." It spoke to me I don't know why except maybe breathing deep (and just remembering to breathe in the first place) has a connection to RELAX and just LET Him. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me... or something like that. For me, the operative word is "practice." I know my salvation is a "done deal" but His Lordship over my little life is a process -- a process of letting go and letting God... My prayer is this: Lord, have Your way with my little life this day... Increase in me and and flow -- in me, through me, out of me... Bloom any way You want, Lord, I just want to a vase -- empty, ready, and waiting for Your next bloom.

    Carl, I just found out that the "faces" of sunflowers actually follow the sun. Claudia told me that, so we know it's true! She once saw a time-lapsed video clip that showed a whole field of sunflowers turning toward the sun as the day unfolded. Isn't that AWESOME?!?!

  3. '....though some who seek get lured into fake light (manmade tanning salons or “grow lights” that can only get you so far).... '

    'You will be like God, knowing good and evil...'
    Lucifer, (Light-Bearer) - as opposed to God the Son, who IS the Light itself.

  4. oooohhh Frances, you are excellent. thank you for showing up again :) !!

  5. I'm glad how you have fun with words, as in sun & Son!

  6. There you are, Joanne! I was wondering when you might "pop up" - pun intended, you little Sonflower you...