Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pet Theories

Below are highlights from the august Roobie for month of August. She is again focused on what Margaret Atwood raised when she said, “There is just one race -- the human race -- and we are all members of it.”

8/1/11: As Roo runs free in the woods, I watch grateful for such a devoted companion and I hear God say,"That's how I feel about you."

8/2/11: Roo reminds me that only new wineskins can carry new wine; old wineskins are too brittle and will crack and spill. Mercy!

8/4/11: During my walk with Roobie, she says there R 2 things I can do: pray and vote (she, as a mere dog, can only do one of these, and she is doing it)!

8//8/11: Roo doesn't see what's so "extremist" about fiscal responsibility.

8/9/11: Roobie reminds me that "to forgive" means "to give for God to handle." Therefore "give-for-ness" = forgiveness? Yes, says Roo.

8/10/11: Once again, Roobie is a good pointer, today reminding me that GOLD, in heaven, is only PAVEMENT.

8/11/11: Roo points out that the phrase "in Christ" or its equivalent appears 172 times in the New Testament.

8/13/11: My dog and I hike every day after our Quiet Time with the Lord. It is a prayer walk, during which we listen and learn.

8/14/11: Roo notices that "impassable" is a lot like "impossible" and is glad she remembers the parting of the Red Sea.

8/17/11: My dog Roo is almost entirely gray -- me too. God says it's wisdom, and it shows. What a lovely thing for Him to say!

8/18/11: Roobie notes the difference between prepositions. I live & labor IN Christ, which must mean BY Him and not merely FOR Him. Eye-opener!

8/20/11: On the trail, Roobie freezes and perks up her ears; I hear it, too. Something is there. We heard it, but we can't see it. Yet.

8/21/11: I tell Roo it's our 40th wedding anniversary and she says she already knows. She adds that she knows a lot more than we realize.

8/23/11:Roo points to utter simplicity: in Christ = in Life. We may be in a religion and yet not be in Christ (she's a short-haired pointer).

8/24/11: My dog "gets" that the Church is PEEPS, each a temple of the Holy Spirit. Though we may meet in a building, it's just a building, not the Church.

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