Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pet Theories

Even Roobie's pals are getting vocal at this point! Here are two of them dragging at least one good suggestion to the discussion. This post officially ends my dog's running roo-mi-na-tions from the month of July. Next week: her thoughts for all of August!

7/22/11: Roobie who has an idea: put the POTUS and Congress (both houses) into Debtor's Prison. They qualify!

7/23/11: Roobie has caught the scent! She says "Follow Christ!" even if we have nothing to show for it. Prefer Him; pursue Him, only Him.

7/24/11: Oswald Chambers told Roo that the only thing that exceeds right DOING is right BEING in Christ -- that, out of being, He blooms.

7/25/11: Roo sees how God has been at work and that we will be very glad after all that we walked with Him (in His way, not our own).

7/25/11 Here's what I heard the POTUS say 2nite, "What I say about THEM is actually about ME." In pointing his finger, 3 R pointing back at himself.

7/26/11: Roo sees a famine of the Word and says it's time to speak Truth and contend for Truth in this parched land. We've lost R way!

7/27/11: Roobie has discovered a terrific equation: FAITH = TRUST + OBEY. This explains why "to obey" is better than to sacrifice.

7/28/11: Roobie sees Him walking on the water -- says He is beckoning us (again!) to come out and walk into His wide-open arms.

7/29/11: Roobie recalls how often GOD has come in the form of a Gift of Desperation...

7/30/11: Roobie realizes how radical Christ really is -- that He's not just Savior; He's also Lord. May He rule and reign in my life!

7/31/11: Roo says it is what it is, and we can do what we can do, but all we can do is all we can do. Therefore, pray to the LORD and vote!


  1. Roobie, I sure do like "your" thoughts and work. (And the picture too) For some reason your thoughts made me think of the country's desire for change. Sometimes it helps to define what change they each mean, because various party candidates are beginning to offer undefined change for the next election, too. Thank you Lord, that you never change!

  2. Amen to that -- and thanks for that reminder. Some things never change, but I am grateful indeed that GOD is who he says He is, and that He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

  3. I'm starting to think we could get PARTY out of politics if we converted it to a jury duty system. There could be a dorm or two, cafeteria food, a curfew so they could do their homework before voting. How about reviving that old-time Continental Congress? Have them convene much less frequently (like three months in the summer). How on earth could we get that to happen?!?!