Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pet Theories

My dog and her pals may actually be smarter than some people at this point. At least they are willing to sniff things out, and talk about them without biting each other's heads off. Here are some of the roo-mi-na-tions that transpired between Roobie's ears during the month of July. One more posting will complete the trilogy next week. Enjoy and please feel free to comment -- we won't bite your head off either!

7/13/11: Roo agrees with Margaret Atwood who once said, "There is just one race, the human race, and we are all members of it." Amen!

7/14/11: Even my dog can tell if "berries" are poisonous -- why can't we?

7/15/11: My dog is sad to say goodbye to her pal, Murphy, who was the only other pet who ever bantered with us on hashtag petTheories. We love you, Murph!

7/16/11: My dog heard a voice from heaven say, "Come out of Babylon lest you share in her sins and receive her plagues." Roo has obeyed.

7/17/11: Roobie points out that Christ emerged from a despised nation and that He too was despised and rejected by men. So also you, says Roo.

7/18/11: Last night, my Roobie said to another, "We do not have a religion; we do not have a theology -- we dance."

7/20/11: Roobie barks at DC: "Stop trusting in your own thoughts and opinions! Seek the Mind of Christ!" But they won't heed or heel.

7/20/11: Roo says "holey" is not "holy." We are made HOLY as we allow Him to heal the "holes" our "pipes" so He can flow through us strong!

7/21/11: Today Roobie is asking, "Whom do you serve?" I turned around and said, "That's a good question!" plus, "You’re a good pointer."

7/22/11: My dog says that tears are given to water the dry ground of the soul. I will not despise them -- they will bring forth a harvest!


  1. 7/4/11: On his 6th birthday, Matt the dog didn't mind not getting cards. He got messages from neighbor dog friends in the grass and on the fence, just like everyday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Matt the Dog. Roobie is delighted to hear about it -- over the fence so to speak. We are just so glad to get a comment. Sometimes we think we are just writing to our own belly buttons around here. Just kidding. We are just trying to say THANK YOU for breathing life into this week's roo-mi-na-tions!

  3. Your writing is a tough act to follow!!!

  4. Well, Nancy, tell Matt that Roobie's response is hearty appaws (which is supposed to sound like applause). Thanks, you guys. It is encouraging as we attempt to apply Scriptures to our everyday, ordinary life!

  5. This from Carl, who says, "I actually tried to comment (had nothing but internet problems). My post was that I once had a Maine Coon cat named Owen who thought he was a dog. He would greet me at the front door by jumping up on the piano, walking down the keys "achordingly" to his gate, so that he would be head level and give out a loud "Ow wow wow!!!" (He always did have problems with his "Bs").

    Whitney to Carl and others who so loyally follow my feeble attempts to blog: thank you. I don't know why people have trouble posting; I know I had to create a google account in order to comment on my own blog (oy). If anyone has suggestions for how to unfreeze this spigot, I'm listening. In the meantime, THANKS, Carl for the onomatopoeia -- and thanks everyone else -- for trying!

  6. Wookadis! I changed my Google account and voila! I'm in the commenting business again.Yay!
    Bring on the new blog!

  7. You can bet on it honey. Now write it down so you don't forget your password or whatever okay sweetums? I am happy happy happy to have your follow, and now to have you back on the diving board? Well it just makes my night!