Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pet Theories

Roobie may appear laid back in this picture, but she has really been quite upset lately, having watched Washington, DC lead us (and all her doggie pals) straight to the ledge -- and then walk away whistling. She has been ruminating daily, and has asked me to correct the way I spell that word. She says she "roo-mi-nates." Therefore, here are some of Roobie's Roo-mi-nations from the past fews weeks:

7/1/11: According to Roobie, God says, "Personal Responsibility -- yes; Self-Sufficiency -- no."

7/2/2011: Regarding prayer, Roobie admits she weeps in public.

7/3/11: My dog suggests that a bone has been buried deep -- a bone called INTEGRITY. It needs to be located and brought back home!

7/4/11: Roobie loves a tweet celebrating our true independence thanks to Christ, Who sets us free indeed -- Happy Day!

7/5/11: Roo points out that Christ birthed a NEW covenant so people may become living stones, temples for His Holy Spirit.

7/6/11: What Roo means is that Christ's salvation is AVAILABLE, but it's not automatic.

7/7/11: Roobie has noticed there is a difference between INDIVIDUALISM and INDIVIDUALITY. She's a good pointer.

7/8/11: My dog, Roobie, has cocked her head in the way she does when she picks up the scent of something that stinks!

7/9/11: Roo is not lured by the scent of the world to live there. She is IN the world but not OF it, thanks to her Master's leading.

7/10/11: Roobie just learned the "irenic" spirit seeks to reconcile denominations and sects to one another. Therefore, Christ is irenic!

7/11/11: Roobie points out that "head knowledge is dead knowledge" until it has moved from head to heart, a distance that is equal to at least several Light Years!

To be continued next week...


  1. Hallelujah a comment -- this must mean the comment feature still works. Thanks, WWW, very much -- in the midst of Alex on the couch and everything -- and packing -- how do you do it all?!? I know you guys will have a smashing BLASTof a hangout vacation this week, oh and p.s. Ned really liked the river quote from your sketch book. It was perfect -- and a hit! THanks again...

  2. Roobie thinks Schatzi might have drank the Kool Aid, because Schatz thinks Roo should be more positive. In reply, Roo suggests that Schatz please check her dictionary. Dear Schatz, says Roo, the word "reality" is not synonymous with the word "negative." Love yoo too xoxo Roo

  3. Right On Roobie with the INTEGRITY roomination!

  4. Again my friend Chris asks that I post her comment for her. She especially liked Roo's "pet theory" dated 7/3/11 that read "My dog suggests that a bone has been buried deep -- a bone called INTEGRITY. It needs to be located and brought back home!" Chris e-mailed me to say, "This is my favorite - I have felt for a long time that if everyone had a good dose of personal integrity many of the ills in this world would be cured."

    Chris and Heather both resonated with the same "bone." This makes me and Roobie very happy-dance glad. Thanks for piping in you guys -- it is nice when something comes back to us from the Ether.

  5. The light years distance made me want to say "Live long, and prosper, Roobie."

  6. Thanks, Nancy (also Matt the DOG) for your discerning good taste in Roobie's Roo-Mi-Na-Tions. As her proud owner, I simply cannot resist contrasting her approach to that which is currently (and so unfortunately) being utilized in Obama-Nation. Onomatopoeia intended!